The majority of sauna owners decided to purchase their home sauna because of the many health effects they offer. Certainly they’re nice just to relax in after a long day at work but they provide a lot more than a relaxing atmosphere. An astounding amount of research has gone into determining just how helpful a sauna can be. Here we have listed many of the health benefits associated with simply using a sauna a few minutes a day. We’re certain that some of them will surprise you.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Infrared saunas offer the same benefits as traditional saunas but have the added bonus of infrared light. This incredible heating light works deeper than other saunas because the light can penetrate further into bone and muscle tissue. This means that you’ll be getting an even more beneficial sauna treatment when you’re using infrared versus an electric or wood stove. Infrared saunas can be particularly helpful for those with chronic pain issues that need a deeper more stimulating sauna experience.


Some of the sauna health benefits include:

Stress Relief – When customers are surveyed, stress relief is the number one reason they state for using a sauna and it comes as no surprise. Stress relief is the very first health benefit that most of us think of when we think of a sauna. We’ve all heard that stress in our day to day lives can have a negative effect on our health. Using a sauna for even just a few minutes a day can help negate these negative effects. By allowing yourself the few minutes to sit, relax, be warm, and free from distractions. The heat from the sauna helps to release tension from the muscles and improves circulation and releases endorphins. This is all great for stress relief.

Soothes Muscles – While this is a wonderful benefit provided by all sauna use, no matter the type, this type of relief is one of the greatest infrared sauna health benefits. To further delve into the endorphins that are mentioned under stress relief, we must look at what endorphins do. As endorphins are released into our body they create a soothing tranquilizing effect that will help to minimize chronic pain caused by arthritis and other muscle soreness. This is why having a sauna after a grueling work out can help with muscle pain. Additionally, as our body temperature rises our blood vessels dilate which increases blood flow and circulation which will quicken our natural healing process.

Toxin Flush – Most of us, unfortunately, do not sweat enough on a daily basis which means many of the toxins we ingest don’t get fully flushed from out systems properly. Certainly our liver and kidney do their job and take care of the majority, but the sauna can help rid us of the rest. By providing a good deep sweat a sauna can help us rid our bodies of excess levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury, and other chemicals. We pick these chemicals up from the food we eat and our general environment. It is important to rid these from our bodies as over time they can build up and become detrimental to our health. Infrared sauna detoxification is a fantastic way to release these harmful toxins without having to do anything but relax.

Cleans Skin – Infrared sauna therapy can actually improve the skin. Heat bathing is one of the oldest forms of skin cleansing. As our bodies produce sweat our pores are cleaned and the dead skin cells that lie at the surface of our skin are replaced. As these cells are replaced we are left with a healthy glowing complexion. Older and dead skin loses much of its luster and begins to look aged. As the pores are cleansed the circulation in the capillaries improves and provides the skin with a softer healthier appearance. There have also been studies that have proven that sweating on a regular basis prevents collagen breakdown which will help to keep away unwanted wrinkles and saggy skin.

Improved Sleep – Researchers have found that a sauna can help provide a deeper more relaxed sleep. A lot of us have sleep problems. We can’t turn our mind off, work keeps popping up, we’ve had too much caffeine, insomnia, etc., and the list could go on. The same endorphins that were mentioned earlier will actually help at bed time as well. As the day goes on the endorphins that have been released in the sauna will slowly decline lulling us into a relaxed pleasant state come bed time. When you sauna regularly you’ll find that you have better sleep patterns and will wake feeling rejuvenated and fully rested.

Recreational and Social Benefits – Recreational and social benefits are probably one of the benefits that most never consider when purchasing a sauna. When a sauna is bought for the home it is often for a solo relaxing time, but as soon as you mention it to your friends they all want to come over and try it out. Don’t worry, the majority of the time you’ll have the sauna all to yourself, but it can be a great time having your friends and family try it out. The sauna provides a space like no other to relax and socialize.

The warmth and general environment aid friendly and intimate conversation. Plus, as soon as you let your friends try the sauna they’ll be running out to purchase their own. A lot of people haven’t had any experience with a sauna and are intrigued and excited to see how they work. As soon as they sit down and find out how wonderful they are they know they have to have one for themselves. Enjoy this aspect and consider it just one more place to enjoy your friendships and family. Who knew infrared sauna therapy could be so fun?

Weight Loss – While infrared sauna weight loss can happen, it isn’t the be all end all for those seeking weight loss. Purchasing a sauna is not going to suddenly make you lose all the pounds you’ve been fighting, but it can help. For those that are especially out of shape, beginning to use a sauna will provide a high calorie burn at first. The sweat produced by the sauna uses up a lot of energy and rids our bodies of extra water weight. An average individual can use up to 300 calories in a sauna but a sauna shouldn’t be used as the only weight loss tool. A sauna can be a great addition to a weight loss regimen that is already in place.

As you enjoy the health benefits of your sauna it is also important to be careful about some of the negative effects. To view some of the most common issues associated with sauna use please view our article Are there any Dangers Associated with Infrared Saunas?.